HackenAI Wallet Airdrop (Round 2)

HackenAI is a revolutionary 360° cybersecurity companion product that incentivizes users for good cybersecurity competition.

The HackenAI platform is your one-stop shop for all cybersecurity related protections.

HackenAI Wallet Airdrop (Round 2) | Step by Step

  1. Click link to BOT
  2. Download Hacken AI application via Playstore
  3. Follow the hacked Ai Twitter account and retweet
  4. Follow CEO Hacken Ai via twitter
  5. Follow Youtube Hacken AI and don’t forget to subscribe and share the video on your social media
  6. Follow youtube Airdrop Advetizer Hacken AI and don’t forget to subscribe and share
  7. Join the Hacken Ai Advetizer Channel Group
  8. Follow Twitter Advetizer Hacken Ai and Share
  9. Finished


  • HackenAi wallet has IEO on Ocean Ex
  • Already licensed CoinGecko
  • has partnered with Gate.io

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