HaruBank Collaborates with BitGo for the Security of Its Clients’ Crypto Assets

BitGo, market leader and a pioneer of multi-sig technology, will now offer its business hot wallet service to HaruBank. HaruBank users will have their assets secured by BitGo, ensuring a worry-free peace of mind.

HaruBank was founded in 2022. It operates a crypto storage service, which is experiencing rapid growth. With an annual interest rate of up to 15%, the service supports deposits in ETH, BTC, USDT and Terra KRT. The service is currently present in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Block Crafters, a trusted digital asset service provider with a solid track record, launches HaruBank. The core services offered by Block Crafters include financial services for digital assets. In addition, they are building their reputation as a blockchain media service, an accelerator for crypto and blockchain startups, and a provider of integrated marketing services for businesses in the crypto sector.

HaruBank is made up of professionals in the blockchain industry. The team is passionate about the potential that digital assets have to offer. Block Crafter Capital, a crypto-based investment firm founded in Singapore, is known as HaruBank’s premier asset management partner.

BitGo has an impressive track record when it comes to securing its client assets. The platform has implemented Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Level 3, an open standard for secure crypto storage. It is currently the gold standard for any information system, which deals with crypto wallets as part of its business model. BitGo’s customer base includes some of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, such as Upbit, Pantera Capital, CME Group, and Kraken.

The BitGo wallet’s multi-sig functionality, combined with the data cross-check process helps improve security at HaruBank. It also has a robust set of rules for co-signing such as whitelisting of addresses, value limits, secondary approvals, and web hooks to help increase the security of client assets.

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