Hashtrust Faucet | Register and Get 100 HTX ($0.8)

Hashtrust Faucet preview

Hashtrust.io is the first project to attempt to create a fully decentralized cloud mining, by creating HTX and ERC20 tokens which have hashing power and grow over time, there are 1 billion HTX tokens issued in the ethereum network:

Cloud mining is really cool and easy for people with no knowledge or finances to buy expensive hardware usually with no minimums, but there are a lot of problems with cloud mining sites nowadays.

The problem we are trying to solve on hashtrust.io:

  • Cloud mining is often a scam, we want to create something decentralized that no one can control.
  • Cloud mining companies can pull the plug at any time when they see that it is not profitable, they can also terminate any contract without warning.
  • Cloud mining takes a lot of mining for maintenance and electricity costs, too bad that some cloud mining ROI in 3 years or never.
  • Cloud mining sites are built so that the owner earns the most, they buy the hardware with your money, and they can keep the hardware while you’re out.

Hashtrust Airdrop

Free 100 HTX ~ $0.8
Reff 100 HTX ~ $0.8

Hashtrust Faucet | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to the website Hashtrust
  2. Fill in the existing form
  3. When finished, don’t forget to verify your account via email sent by hashtrust
  4. Congratulations you are active
  5. now you can do mining every day (1×24 hours) via the dashboard menu and select free daily faucet


  • There are many faucet options other than HXT with different claim times, please check it out yourself
  • Already listed on Cryptolocex and Etherdelta and currently exploring cooperation with large Latoken markets

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