Hena Wallet Airdrop | Register and Get 5 Hena (1093 Korean WON)

Hena Wallet Airdrop – This is a wallet that supports the Hana platform. Supports Ethereum, ERC20, nulse, bitcoin tokens as well as multiple currencies can be managed with the Hena multi-currency wallet.

Features of Hena Wallet

  • Multi-wallet, create multiple wallets, like ethereum or bitcoin
  • It can be used separately for each purpose.
  • Automatic addition of friends, when a friend in your contacts using Smart Wallet is automatically registered as a friend.
  • You can send.
  • Token addition function if you don’t have registered or unsupported ERC20 token. Register via token add-on and send/receive money from your wallet
  • Integrated wallet management, If you use a wallet used by other Wallet apps. You can import and manage the entire currency.

Hena Wallet Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Download Hana Wallet Dy Playstore
    1. Create Wallet
    2. Save Pharse (Don’t Lose)
    3. Click Signup Wallet
    4. Register Via Email
    5. Confirm Email
    6. Confirm No Phone
    7. Done
  2. Claim Rewards
    1. Click the 3 line in the upper right corner
    2. Select Register Referrer
    3. Enter Email [email protected]
    4. Done


  • Korean work is definitely legit
  • Try to have at least 1 ref
  • Referral [email protected] (Required Input To Get 5 HENA)

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