Here’s the Easy Way to Get Free Ethereum

Since its inception in 2015, Ethereum has transformed into one of the most popular crypto coins. It’s natural that more and more crypto activists are hunting free ethereum through various means.

Many consider mining as the most effective way to get free Ether coins. In fact, there are still various other methods that you can do, even just armed with a smartphone. Check out the full discussion here.

Easy Way to Hunt Free Ethereum

There are at least five ways that crypto activists can get free Ethereum coins. In addition to mining, utilizing airdrop programs and Ethereum faucets can also be a practical solution for collecting these crypto coins. Here’s the explanation.

1. Mining

It’s no secret that mining is still one of the favorite ways to earn Ethereum. By choosing the right method, mining can be a very lucrative source of Ethereum income.

There are three ways you can mine Ethereum, including joining a mining pool, mining independently, and renting cloud mining. Beginner ethminers can try mining through a pool or use the services of a cloud mining service provider.

2. Playing Games Online

Crypto activists who like to play games can try this one way to earn money free ethereum. Just download the game application and play according to the conditions. If successful in winning the game, the user will get a reward in the form of a certain amount of Ether coins.

The number of coins offered through online games is not too much. However, if you are able to play regularly and continuously, it is not impossible that the coins collected actually exceed the shadow. There’s nothing wrong with trying several games at once for more coins.

3. Ethereum Faucet

Ethereum faucet is a platform that gives out free Ether coins to anyone who contributes to the site. For example, visitors can take surveys, play online games, or watch advertisements on certain platforms.

Faucets offer an easy and practical solution for crypto activists who want to increase their coin coffers without buying. All you need to do is visit a crypto faucet website that provides Ethereum and perform the task according to the conditions.

There are tons of faucets that offer Ether coins, for example Faucetcrypto,, Ethereum Faucet, Some faucets also usually provide referral commissions for users who recommend the website to others.

4. Work Online

Furthermore, crypto activists can work online to get paid in the form of Ether coins. This method is not widely known by the public, but there is no harm in trying. Find out about the jobs needed and how much ETH can be earned.

There are several jobs that can be done to earn Ethereum rewards, such as filling out questionnaires, taking short surveys, or promoting certain products. Be sure to read the job description before deciding to join.

5. Airdrop Program

The airdrop program has always been the news that crypto activists have been waiting for. Through this program, the company will distribute Ether coins for free to a number of people. The coins will usually be distributed in the form of tokens making it easier to share.

Currently, many companies and sites are holding airdrop programs using several types of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. In order not to miss it, make sure to always update the latest news about projects and events holding the Ethereum airdrop program.

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