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HexToys Review

HexToys is here to give everyone the opportunity to own HEX. The process of buying HEX nowadays can be a bit complicated, we plan to make it very easy. We are here to build the largest reward-based app and game ecosystem ever. The model is simple, we use the revenue generated from advertising to buy HEX and distribute it to loyal app users. What could be more fun than challenges, games, real-world rewards like pins, patches, hats and actual RISK cash-making opportunities without cash in the bank or passport? We don’t store any data except your email and alias from within our app, you don’t need to upload any documents or private keys. If you order from a store then we store your address to process the order.

HexToys is not a wallet, we use existing well-known apps and integrate them like Fortmatic, Metamask, Coinbase and many more. After becoming a member of the site or app, simply adding your HEX address in your profile is enough to receive payments based on what challenges you have completed. Challenges will consist of community activities and quizzes on important topics such as online safety. The future of finance is exciting, from now on.

HEX By HexToys Giveaway | Step by Step

  1. Visit page Giveaway
  2. Download the Hex app on iOS and Playstore
  3. Complete the rest of the twitter social media tasks
  4. Finished

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