HOM Project Airdrop | Sign Up and Get 60 HOMT (~$15)

HOMT is a centralized marketplace platform that aims to provide real estate worldwide where property is affordable. With this student-friendly platform that uses blockchain technology, AI, Big Data and Smart contracts; students have the opportunity to rent property anywhere they want

HOM Project Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT HOMT
  2. Pass the small test and Follow the Task from the BOT
  3. Follow HOMT’s social media
  4. Join Telegram Group and Channel
  5. Follow twitter and retweet
  6. Join Facebook
  7. Join Instagram
  8. Subscribe Youtube like and share airdrop videos
  9. Subscribe to Youtube Partners and share Airdrop Videos
  10. Follow twitter partners and retweet aidrop’s tweets
  11. Submit data
  12. fill in your account data
  13. Get additional rewards by answering quiz
  14. Finished


The questions that will be given are different for each user and this is a summary of the questions and accompanied by answers that usually appear when working on a task

Questions and Answer:

  1. Which of the following is not one of the features of the HOMT token? a. Asset Creation
    b. Trusted and Regulated
    c. Liquidity and Accessibility
    d. Support to scammers The answer is: Support to scammers ———
  2. What is the HOMT total supply ?
    a. 115M Tokens
    b. 225M Tokens
    c. 120M Tokens
    d. 125M Tokens The answer: 125M Tokens
  3. What is the price for purchasing 1 HOMT token?
    a. 1 HOMT = 0.35 USD
    b. 1 HOMT = 0.25 USD
    c. 1 HOMT = 0.45 USD
    d. 1 HOMT = 1.20 USD Answer: 1HOMT = 0.25 USD
  4. Which segment of society below our project concerns? The answer is: student
  5. What is HOMT playing moto?
    A) Create a better world borderless and become instrumental in shaping the future of Tomorrow
    B) Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
    C) One person can make a difference.
    D) Keep your eyes on the prize. The answer is: Create a better world borderless and become instrumental in shaping the future of Tomorrow
  6. When will HOMT be listed on Probit ? a. 1st June 2022
    b. 2nd June 2022
    c. 1st July 2022
    d. 3rd June 2022 Answer: 1st June 2022

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