Horizen Community Giveaway | Join and Get a Total of $200 Zen Token

Horizon Review

Horizen is basically a platform that builds a fair and inclusive ecosystem where everyone is empowered and rewarded for their contribution. Horizen’s massively scalable platform enables enterprises and developers to quickly and affordably create their own public or private blockchains on the industry’s largest network of nodes. The Horizen Sidechain SDK provides all the necessary components for easy and fast blockchain deployment.

Horizen’s sidechain and scaling solution, Zendoo, is live on testnet! Zendoo is the market’s first fully decentralized sidechain protocol, extending the network from cryptocurrency to a scalable privacy preservation platform for commercial applications. The Zendoo Beta Preview is an important milestone in the development of the Horizen sidechain platform. We gift this community to celebrate!

Horizen Community Giveaway | Step By Step Join

  1. List of websites Horizontal Faucet
  2. Register using email only from Google (Gmail)
  3. Fill in the registration form
  4. Fill in the Horizen address from an Exchange that supports Horizen Coin such as Binance or you can download the wallet directly from the Horizen Wallet (there is an additional reward for this)
  5. Congratulations, you guys have been able to get horizontal coins that can be claimed once a day
  6. To join the Horizon Community Giveaway, please click this link
  7. Do the social media tasks that have been provided
  8. Finished


  • Just do one or more of the tasks below before October 31 for a chance to win.
  • The more actions you complete, the higher your chances of winning
  • No need for KYC and Not a Referral Program

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