How to Buy Bitcoin from Various Platforms

The soaring price of Bitcoin has begun to attract people’s attention to participate in mining this lucrative digital currency. Not surprisingly, many are starting to wonder how to buy Bitcoin which is fairly easy, even for beginners.

Bitcoin is already the most popular digital currency in the world. Even some of the world’s largest companies have accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment when customers buy their products.

Interested in earning and using Bitcoin every day?

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Some Easy Ways to Buy Bitcoin

There are many ways to buy Bitcoins, but the most effective is buying Bitcoins at platform which are derivatives, for example Binomo.

Apart from that, you can also try another way by buying Bitcoins at crypto exchange platforms, for example Binance, Capital, or eToro.

Next, here is how to buy Bitcoin that you can learn:

1. Buying Bitcoin on Derivative Platforms

Binomo is one of the platform derivatives that you can take advantage of.

You can make Bitcoin purchases on this platform in just three very easy steps to follow. The three steps are to register or sign up, make a deposit or initial deposit, as well as buy Bitcoin.

If you’re still confused, here are the instructions for signing up for Binomo:

  • The registration process at Binomo is very easy. First of all, visit the site web Binomo official to register.
  • Second, choose Indonesian to make the registration process easier.
  • Next, click “login”, and fill in the address e-mail as well as password.
  • After the registration and verification process e-mail finished, the next step is to make a deposit with a minimum balance of only IDR 140,000, which can be done from any bank.
  • Finally, you can directly make transactions trading Bitcoins.
  • Before you start learning how to buy Bitcoin, find out how to do it trading Bitcoin by using platform Binomo’s trading.

Beginners who have limited capital can use the Binomo platform to start buying Bitcoin. Various platform others set a fairly high minimum deposit but Binomo set a very affordable minimum deposit.

2. Buying Bitcoin on Crypto Exchange Platforms

Furthermore, There are so many crypto exchange or any crypto exchange you can choose. Platforms it is provided by the company crypto exchange and can be selected to make purchases of Altcoins and Bitcoins.

Some examples of crypto exchange platforms include Gemini, Indodax, Coinbase, and others.

Well, which one platform the best to use? Each platform usually provides a web version and app that can be downloaded on mobile devices. Two applications that are widely used are Capital and eToro. Note the two different platforms that are widely used today:

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Platform Name Capital eToro
Licence Cyprus: CySECUnited Kingdom: FCSBelarus: NBRB Cyprus: CySECUnited Kingdom: FCAAustralia: ASICAmerica: NFA
Minimum Deposit USD 100 or IDR 1.4 million USD 200 or IDR 2.8 million
Number of Crypto Assets Available 25 Cryptocurrency Assets 16 Cryptocurrency Assets
Total Assets Available Cryptos, ETFs, Stocks, Forex, Futures, Indices, Commodities Cryptos, ETFs, Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Indices
Access Platform for Trading Website with VPNApp mobile without VPN Website with VPNApp mobile without VPN

3. Buying Bitcoin from Other Platforms

Apart from the two platform above, there are many platform which you can choose to make Bitcoin purchases.

Although different, each platform have more or less the same way of buying Bitcoin.

Even so, you still need to learn how to do trading Bitcoin correctly in order to make a profit.

Furthermore, to be able to learn various ways to earn Bitcoin and make a profit, you can visit the site web a trusted provider of Bitcoin information and news, namely Find the Bitcoin information you need on Media Authority.

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