How to Buy Bitcoin with Rupiah and Cryptocurrencies

There are many ways that you can take to get Bitcoin. One of them is to make a Bitcoin purchase. There are various ways to buy Bitcoin yourself.

The price of Bitcoin has now far surpassed the price of other commodities, such as gold. Because of the popularity of this digital currency, various large companies have even accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Fortunately, how to get Bitcoin is not too difficult for you to do.

Various Easy Ways to Buy Bitcoin

To make a Bitcoin purchase, you can use a variety of currencies. Here are the various ways to buy Bitcoin:

1. Buying with Rupiah Currency

The first way to get Bitcoin is to make purchases using Rupiah.

You can use this method, especially if you buy Bitcoin in Indonesia. Purchase of Bitcoin with Rupiah currency can be done on the site web or digital such as Luno, Indodax, and Triv.

Here are the advantages of each digital asset exchange what you need to know:

  • First, Luno is already present in 40 countries
  • Second, the site version is available web and version of the app for mobile devices
  • The interface is very easy to use
  • Has a fast verification process
  • Provides Bitcoin and Ethereum digital currency

  • Exchange the largest in Southeast Asia
  • Site version available web and version of the app for mobile devices
  • Volume trading High Bitcoin
  • Provides various crypto assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, NEM, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, and others

  • Provides Bitcoin and Ethereum currency
  • Site version available web and version of the app for mobile devices
  • The features available are very complete, including the purchase of credit and electricity tokens, as well as payment services for various bills such as TV, electricity, water and installment bills.

2. How to Buy Bitcoin Using Cryptocurrency

In addition to using Rupiah, you can also make purchases of Bitcoin currency using digital currency or online currency cryptocurrency other. For example, if you already have Ethereum and want to buy Bitcoin, you can use a variety of tools platform following:

Binance is one of the platform crypto exchange the biggest in the world.

To be able to buy Bitcoins in platform To do this, you need to first open an account on, then register.

As explained earlier, you can start using the cryptocurrency you already own to make Bitcoin purchases. makes it easy for its users to buy Bitcoins on the site web official.

You can even exchange your digital currency for Bitcoin directly.

3. Buying Bitcoin On International Exchange

In addition to the two previous methods, you can also make Bitcoin purchases at international exchange. This method can be used if you are in Singapore, Australia, Europe, Canada, or in America.

Bitcoins can be purchased from the site web

You can buy Bitcoin in this way by exchanging USD or other foreign currencies for Bitcoin.

Important Steps Before Buying Bitcoin

The process of buying Bitcoin is indeed quite easy, but you still have to make sure to create an account first, verify your identity, provide a phone number and email, then use the currency you choose or have for you to exchange for Bitcoin.

In addition, before buying Bitcoin, you also need to have a Bitcoin wallet first.

Questions about Bitcoin wallets and what they do, then how to get a safe wallet for you to use can be answered via website Not only that, get more information about the world cryptocurrency.

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