How to Create an OKEx Account Easily and Quickly

How to Create an OKEx Account – There are many markets you can use to trade bitcoin or other crypto assets. Starting from the market that comes from Indonesia or from abroad. One of the markets that you must try to trade is OKEx.

On the coinmarketcap page, OKEx is one of the most popular markets and is in the top 20. The market, which was released in 2014, has already reached more than $1 billion in daily trading of the market.

However, to use OKEx as a trading platform, you are required to register first. After that, to be able to make deposits and withdrawals more easily you are required to verify your identity up to level 3.

If you are interested in trying OKEx for trading, then below we have summarized the ways that you can use to create an account on the OKEx market, down to the verification of complete and correct data.

How to Create an Account at OKEx Easily

If you are interested in trying the market to trade bitcoin or other crypto assets, then the first thing you should do is register a new account.

However, it should be noted that in order to carry out trading activities at OKEx you are required to verify your identity or known as KYC (Know Your Customer). Here we summarize how to easily create an account at OKEx.

Visit the official website okex

First, please visit the official website of okex, you can type okex on google, then select to the top search or you can visit directly here.

Oh yes, make sure you go to the right OKEx website, be careful of phishing or websites that resemble the OKEx website.

Sign up or Register an account

After finding the right OKEx website, you can start registering a new account that you will use for trading later. Please press the sign up button at the top right.

Fill in the correct registration information

Because bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are related to money and very important, make sure that the information you register on the OKEx website is correct and active, such as email, password and others.

In the form filling section, you will be asked directly to verify your email, enter the correct email, then press the get code button, check your email to get a verification code, then enter it back into the OKEx website

Account KYC Verification

As explained earlier, to make a transaction or trading activity you must first verify. After the registration process is complete, you will enter the OKEx website page, press the dropdown menu or the down arrow at the top right, then select the Verification option.

On the account verification page there are 3 levels of verification that you must do. We recommend that you complete all 3 levels of verification. This is to make it easier for you to make transactions at OKEx, such as deposits and withdrawals.

Make a deposit and trade

After all the registration process is complete and the account verification has been successful, you can now start depositing and trading. To make a deposit, press the account menu at the top right, then select the deposit option. Please make a deposit correctly.

After a successful deposit, you can start trading by pressing the spot trading menu which is the most used trade. Select the coin you want to trade.

That’s how to create an account at OKEx. After creating an account at OKEx, now you can start trading according to the coin you choose and want.

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