How to Make Money from Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become a digital currency that is always increasing in value every year. Its value which tends to fluctuate makes Bitcoin a way to make money. How how to make money from bitcoin?

Actually there are many ways to make money using Bitcoin, both illegal and legal.

The most common and popular way is Bitcoin mining, investing, trading, micro earning, and affiliate programs.

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Various How to Make Money from Bitcoin

While there are many ways to earn money from Bitcoin, not all methods are suitable for everyone.

In addition, the amount of money you can earn also depends on the method and the level of risk of the method.

1. Bitcoin Trading

Trading is a buying and selling activity with the aim of making a profit.

This time, trading Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular.

For those of you who have good skills in analyzing trading charts and are ready to take risks, you can try to earn Bitcoin with this method.

You can register to trading platforms Bitcoin then exchanged Rupiah for Bitcoin.

When there is a price spike, do it action sell Bitcoin for profit.

You yourself can buy and sell them whenever you want, for 24 hours every day.

Various trading platforms Bitcoins are readily available. Some you can access on a mobile device, and some require a computer for trading activities to take place.

2. Bitcoin Investment

Investment is not the same as trading. How to make money from Bitcoin this one is to hold Bitcoin until the best time comes.

If you believe that Bitcoin has a great future and there will be a price spike, consider HODL.

HODL itself is an abbreviation of hold on for dear life which means making long term investments.

While this may seem like a promising investment, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high. Take control of your emotions and hold yourself back until the best time really comes.

In addition, you can invest Bitcoin in developers blockchain, company, startup, or other areas of business.

Determine the company carefully before deciding to invest.

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3. Mining Bitcoin

Mining is a mining process that involves adding new blocks to the network blockchain available, the way is to solve algorithms or cryptographic puzzles.

This method is suitable for those of you who have technical skills and have hardware adequate.

Mining yourself need hardware or computers with high specifications and better computing power than ordinary computers.

Now it even exists cloud mining or Bitcoin based mining on line, so you don’t have to prepare your own mining equipment.

All you need to do is invest once to get your share of Bitcoin mining proceeds.

Ensure the credibility of the service provider cloud mining before investing.

4. Accept Bitcoin as a means of payment

How to make money from Bitcoin The next step is to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Bitcoin has been adopted by various companies and merchant. If you are seller, you can also accept Bitcoin as a means to pay.

Before adding Bitcoin as a means of payment, make sure you fully understand how Bitcoin and Bitcoin wallets work.

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