How to Mine Bitcoin for Beginners

How to Mine Bitcoin for Beginners – For some people, especially those who are new to the world cryptocurrencies, how to mine Bitcoin is not easy.

This is because you at least need a variety of tools and adequate equipment to get optimal results.

Even so, that doesn’t mean beginners can’t learn to mine Bitcoin easily.

Nowadays, you can do various easy ways to get Bitcoin.

Mining is a term used to earn Bitcoins. This mining process requires supporting equipment, such as software and a powerful computer as well as a stable and super fast internet speed.

After having these two things, you are also required to understand the following ways to mine Bitcoin, especially if you are a beginner in the world cryptocurrency.

1. Pool Mining

The first method includes a very simple method, namely by combining your power with the power of other miners in a “pool” or pool to mine or Bitcoin mining.

That way, you will get rewards that will be shared with other miners who are in the same “pool”.

You can do this method after you have registered yourself with a pool Bitcoin, then all the miners in the same pool will agree to share the Bitcoin rewards with the other members.

Mining pool is the easiest way for beginners to try.

2. Cloud Mining

The second way you can do it without the help of a computer equipped with a sophisticated system, which is enough to take advantage of the service cloud mining just.

Service cloud mining available include Hashing24, Hashflare, Genesis Mining, and many more.

One of the advantages of this way of mining Bitcoin is that you don’t need to have deep knowledge of hardware used for mining.

In addition, Bitcoin miners also do not have to buy various expensive equipment.

Unfortunately, this method also has a weakness, namely the mining risk is higher than other methods.

3. Solo Mining

As the name suggests, solo mining is a way of mining Bitcoin with very high yields, because miners do not have to share their earnings with other miners.

Unfortunately, miners have to use sophisticated equipment if they want to try this method.

In addition to equipment, miners also need to provide a large amount of electricity and in-depth knowledge to solve various complex mathematical algorithms, so that you can generate Bitcoin optimally.

This method is unfortunately not suitable for beginners and more suitable for those who are more advanced.

4. Trading Platforms

Next, Bitcoin miners can take advantage of platform special to do trading Bitcoins.

This method is a good alternative because miners only need to upload the mining app and use it on the smartphone.

Some apps to mine Bitcoin easily are MinerGate, Crypto Miner, Eobot, Bitzfree, Crypto Tab, AA Miner, Droid Miner, Neon Neon Miner, and so on.

Apart from mining using the 4 methods above, there are several other ways you can earn Bitcoin. The two most popular ways to earn Bitcoins include:

  • The easiest way is to buy Bitcoin using money.
  • Another way is to sell goods with Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Whatever method of mining Bitcoin you want to understand more deeply, make sure you learn it from a trusted source, namely

In addition to important information about Bitcoin, you will also find important news about Bitcoin from the site web the.

Study hard to get the benefits you expect.

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