How to Mine Bitcoin on Android

is there how to mine Bitcoin on Android which is easy and practical to do? Initially, you can only do mining or Bitcoin mining activities on very sophisticated computing devices. But nowadays you can mine this profitable crypto asset from your smartphone.

Until this year, Bitcoin is still the popular digital currency that many people invest in. You can also profit from Bitcoin after getting this currency. To get Bitcoin currency, you can buy or mine it.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Android Easily

Mining Bitcoin is like mining gold. This activity requires useful tools to help you earn Bitcoins. In Bitcoin mining, you can use the best hardware and software, or use the best apps for Android devices.

1. Mining Bitcoin with MinerGate

One of the mining tools that you can use to collect Bitcoin is MinerGate. Before the Android version appeared, MinerGate was already popular among PC users. To use this tool on an Android smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Download the MinerGate app first in the Play Store and install it on an Android device. Register or register yourself You are on the MinerGate website page, i.e.
  • Once you have successfully created your account, you will see two different options. The first choice is mobile mining which utilizes the chip system in smartphones. The second option is cloud mining which requires miners to spend money.
  • Login or login as one of the miners so you can choose one type of digital currency that will be mined and collected, in this case Bitcoin.

After following how to mine Bitcoin on Android above, you can start mining activities. Make sure the Android smartphone used has high specifications so that you can get a bigger chance to get Bitcoin.

Using this app, you will gain control over the various activities you can do, such as reducing or adding processor cores to mine Bitcoin. You can also set a mining schedule, such as resuming or pausing it.

2. Mining with the help of Crypto Miner

Apart from MinerGate, Crypto Miner is also a great tool to help you dig and collect Bitcoins. Unfortunately, this one tool is not as complete as MinerGate. In Crypto Miner, you can explore various types of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and various other currencies.

But this tool has some drawbacks. One of them is that some of the crypto algorithms available in this app cannot be used for free. Users who want to access certain algorithms need to pay a hefty fee, which is approximately IDR 32,000.

3. Mining using Neon Neon Miner

Neon Neon Miner is another app designed to make it easy to mine various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. This app is great because it has detailed or detailed mining logs. In addition there is an automatic configuration script which is also very good.

By following the instructions on how to mine Bitcoin on Android, you can get more profit because you managed to collect a lot of Bitcoins. Unfortunately, the results of mining using a smartphone cannot be as much as the results of mining using a sophisticated computer.

But before deciding to assemble a mining computer, make sure you learn more about mining and cryptocurrency on the Media Authority website, namely With complete information, you will know the best way to profit from Bitcoin.

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