How to Mine Bitcoin with Software

Mining is one way to get bitcoins for free. In order to be able to carry out the mining process, miners or miners need computer equipment and special software. How to mine bitcoin with software nor is it simple.

The bitcoin mining process involves a high level of computing. In addition, miners must also be in a special ecosystem in order to be able to carry out mining. To find out more about how to mine bitcoin with software, see the following discussion.

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How to Mine Bitcoin with Software

Unlike transactions in general that involve banks as intermediaries, cryptocurrency transactions can be carried out directly. However, it is still necessary for parties to record transactions.

Miners are the party in charge of recording and verifying crypto transactions. Miners who are in the bitcoin network or blockchain will be rewarded in the form of virtual currency for the tasks you have done.

As the party to record bitcoin transactions, miners will run the same computer software to form a peer-to-peer network. With this network, the recorded information can be spread easily throughout the network so that the data is transparent and anti-manipulation.

In other words, bitcoin mining is the process of recording and verifying transactions and creating new bitcoins. To carry out this process, a computer with high specifications and large computing power is required.

In addition, the software serves to connect miners with the bitcoin blockchain and solve computing problems.

Recommended Software for Bitcoin Mining

Now you know how to mine bitcoin with software. Next You also need to know some software options that can be used to do bitcoin mining. Here are 5 useful software for mining bitcoin:

1. BFGMiner

BFGMiner is one of the most reliable mining software for mining bitcoins. This software is able to work on most operating systems so it is quite flexible. However, the graphics offered are not friendly for beginners.

With this software users can connect to several mining pools. No less interesting, the software will stop connecting to unreachable pools so as to save electricity.

2. CGMiner

CGMiner is one of the software that is quite popular among miners. Besides being able to operate on most computer OS, this software also uses almost the same code as CPUMiner.

For users who are experienced in bitcoin mining, CGMiner can be the right software choice. But for beginners, the CGMiner interface may be too complicated to understand.

3. EasyMiner

The next mining software is EasyMiner. This software promises the best performance for Windows users and can be used for both pool and solo mining. Or if you want to mine other virtual currencies like AltCoin, this software is worth trying.

In addition, Easy Miner also has a simpler graphical display. Beginner miners who are trying this field can choose EasyMiner as the right software for mining.

4. BitMinter

For those of you who want to mine without the need for repeated registrations, BitMinter can be the right choice. This program has its own pool so you don’t need to register again if you have registered to the pool. In addition, this application can also operate properly on all operating systems.

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