How to Mining Bitcoin with CPU, Understand the Steps

We can do Bitcoin mining in various ways. One of them is using a PC or CPU. Even so, how to mine Bitcoin with CPU is not as easy as getting Bitcoin from games nor giveaway, because you will need high-performance hardware to mine Bitcoins.

This hardware capable of solving math problems can help with mining, so you can collect more Bitcoin pieces.

Then, what equipment is needed to mine Bitcoin, and how to mine using a PC with CPU support?

How to Mining Bitcoin with CPU Right and Right

The first step to being able to mine successfully is to prepare adequate equipment. The equipment needed is a dedicated GPU and CPU for mining.

In addition, there are also FPGAs that allow you to purchase chips, as well as a device called ASIC.

Once the hardware is ready, use software who can give instructions to hardware to work according to its main function, which is to collect Bitcoins.

Next, follow these steps:

1. Join the Bitcoin miners

This step is very important for you to do as a new miner in the crypto world.

By joining other Bitcoin miners, the miner’s job will become much easier for you to do. In addition, mining activities will also be completed faster.

Not only that, mining Bitcoin with other miners can also make breaking blocks easier because you can do it together.

You do have to share the results, but the profit you get is still more if you compare it to the profit you get when doing the mining work alone.

2. Setting up a dedicated wallet for Bitcoin

Method mining Bitcoin with the next CPU is to prepare a special wallet.

This wallet is not the same as a wallet in general, because a Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet with the main function of receiving results in the form of Bitcoins that you have mined.

A special wallet for Bitcoin has a unique code. You may not share the code with others, but only you may know it yourself.

There are many choices of Bitcoin-only wallets that you can use, for example Coinbase, Kraken, SpectroCoin, LocalBitcoins, and so on. Choose the safest one.

3. Make a rig purchase and start mining yourself

If you are really serious about this Bitcoin mining project, you can buy a special device.

Device named rig it can help you to mine every day.

Unfortunately, this device is sold at a price that is more expensive than ordinary mining equipment.

In addition to the large capital you must prepare to use rig, miners must also be prepared to face the same great risk.

Considering that this equipment requires a large amount of electrical energy, you should be prepared with peaking electricity bills.

4. Follow the latest information about Bitcoin

Follow updates Information related to Bitcoin is also very important, especially if you really want to get more profit from Bitcoin mining with CPU.

There are various sites web which provides information about Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

But the most reliable is, which always provides the latest information about Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency. In addition, there are various news about Bitcoin that you can find on Media Authority.

All the information about Bitcoin that you need can be obtained from a specialized source that is trusted and very reliable.

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