How to Register and Use MyEtherWallet

Before buying crypto currency, of course, you must have a wallet or wallet that you can use to store the crypto assets. If you have crypto assets in the form of ethereum or ERC-20 tokens, then you can use MyEtherWallet as a wallet.

MyEtherWallet is one of the most popular or widely used wallets in the world for storing crypto assets. There are many reasons people choose to use MyEtherWallet, among others, because it is easy to register and reliable security.

Here we summarize how to register and use myetherwallet.

How to Register MyEtherWallet Easily

To use MyEtherWallet, of course, you must have an account first. Here we summarize how to register myetherwallet to make it easier for you.

Open the myetherwallet website

The first stage, please open the official myetherwallet website. You can type in google with the keyword myetherwallet which will usually appear at the very top. Or you can directly type the website address in your web browser. Make sure that the MEW website you are visiting is correct to avoid fraud or hacking.

Create New Account

After successfully logging into the myetherwallet page, you can now start to create a new account. On the main page, please press the menu or the Create A New Wallet section. Then at the next stage, a warning will appear that you must understand, just press next to continue.

Then on the Get a New Wallet page there will be 3 options available to create an account, namely using the MEW wallet app, by keystore file and By Mnemonic Phrase. You can choose which one you think is good.

Here I recommend you to create an account using the by keystore file option, just press on the tab by keystore file, then at the bottom enter your password and press next.

Save Private Key File

After selecting the option by keystore file, then filling in the password and clicking the next button. So at the next stage, you will be asked to save the Keystore File from the account you have created.

This is very important for you to do to maintain the security of the wallet that you created earlier. You can press the Download Keystore File button to get the key file information for the account. Later you will automatically download the file containing the private key from the account which you must save and don’t lose it.

You will use the Keystore File or Private key later to log back into the Wallet that you created in MyEtherWallet, so make sure you store it safely.

How to Use MyEtherWallet

After successfully creating a MEW account and backing up the keystore file from that account, you can now use it for transactions.

Here we discuss how to use it.

  1. First, please login to MyEtherWallet with the wallet you created earlier
  2. You can return to the page, then press the Access my wallet menu
  3. On the next page, there are 4 ways you can try to enter the wallet, including: MEWconnect, Hardware, MEW CX, software
  4. You can determine which method you will use to login to the wallet
  5. If you have previously backed up the Keystore File from that account, then you can choose the software method to log in
  6. After pressing the software option, select the keystore file and click continue
  7. Then specify where the Keystore File you previously downloaded or backup and enter the password from the wallet, press the access wallet button
  8. On the main page after successfully logging in, you can see some information from the wallet, starting from the address, balance and tokens or coins you have
  9. Then on the right sidebar, there are several menus that you can use, including: send, swap and contract
  10. Then to send eth you can click the send menu on the left, enter the required information, such as the amount of eth, recipient address and Fee

Thus a brief discussion on how to register and use myetherwallet. After having a MEW account, now you can make transactions or just to save the coins you have. Oh, yes, the use of myetherwallet can only be used to store Ethereum coins and ERC-20 Tokens.

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