How to Transfer Bitcoin to PayPal Safely

Bitcoin is a crypto currency whose use is still very limited. Bitcoin owners who want to transact must convert them into fiat money through several ways, one of which is through PayPal. How to transfer Bitcoin to PayPal It’s also easy and safe.

PayPal itself is the most popular payment system because it is able to reach various parts of the world. In addition, PayPal is also known to be safe with relatively lower transaction fees. To find out how to transfer Bitcoin via PayPal, see the following discussion.

Why Transfer Bitcoin to PayPal?

Basically you can convert Bitcoin in several ways, for example through an exchange. However, this method costs a lot of money. Not to mention the conversion process that takes a long time so that the possibility of Bitcoin price changes is greater.

In addition, crypto exchanges are vulnerable to theft and other risks so many crypto owners feel it is not safe to put large amounts of money. Therefore, you need another easier and safer alternative for Bitcoin conversion.

Luckily, PayPal is now serving the conversion of Bitcoin to fiat currency. This is a breath of fresh air for cryptocurrency owners because PayPal is considered more secure. Equally important, users can also withdraw funds at a lower cost and faster.

How to Transfer Bitcoin to PayPal

To transfer Bitcoin to PayPal, cryptocurrency owners can use the services of a third-party exchange. There are several service providers that promise to transfer BitCoin to PayPal, but sometimes these services actually cause negative impacts such as embezzlement/

Nonetheless, cryptocurrency owners need not worry. There are several service solutions that can be used to store BitCoins on PayPal, such as Coinbase and Paxful. Here’s the explanation.

1. Coinbase

Around 2016, Coinbase announced that users could withdraw balances to US dollars using a PayPal account. That way, cryptocurrency owners can transfer Bitcoin to a Coinbase account and withdraw it in dollars to a PayPal account.

To be able to use this service, users must verify by uploading a copy of their identity card. Each withdrawal will also incur a fee of approximately 3.75%. Even though it costs extra, it’s still the safest way to transfer Bitcoin to PayPal.

2. Paxful

Paxful is a fairly popular crypto exchange site. Through this exchange, crypto owners can also transfer Bitcoin to PayPal with no minimum and maximum limits. Like Coinbase, this method can also be an alternative to moving Bitcoin to PayPal.

When selling Bitcoin, be sure to really pay attention to the reputation of the buyer. Don’t forget to re-check the order details before clicking Sell or Sell.

3. BitPanda

BitPanda is an Austrian startup that also provides transfer services from Bitcoin to fiat currency. Using this platform, clients can sell Bitcoin withdraw Bitcoins to PayPal in US dollars.

How to use BitPanda is also quite easy. First, register as a member, then select the Sell or Sell option. Select PayPal as the withdrawal method. After the Bitcoin is sent, the funds will go to the desired PayPal account.

While PayPal offers a great solution for converting Bitcoin to fiat currency, there are a few things to keep in mind. PayPal is often a target for scams and phishing, so cryptocurrency owners should be careful when using it.

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