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HRD Coin Review

SAEMYEONG ENERGY TECH Group, as the parent company of HRO, is an environmentally friendly energy company with a long history. The media judged SAEMYEONGENERGY TECH, as an environmental protection company, succeeded in eliminating the original flue gas, etc. through long-term studies. Not only about 20% of the fuel saving effect is approved in the economic aspect, but the chimney will also leave no residue.

SAEMYEONG ENERGY TECH Group, through constant innovation and research, has developed environmentally friendly lubricating oils without producing fine dust, and natural fertilizers to protect soil and water quality, improve enjoyment and quality of various crops, etc., as well as research and develop combustion catalysts that can improve the energy efficiency of coal, petroleum, tailings plants, etc. up to 10% – 20% and reduces fine dust and harmful gases from coal by more than 40%.

HRD Coin Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to BOT Airdrop
  2. Join Hrdcoin on Telegram group and channel
  3. Follow HRcoin on Twitter
  4. Submit your ETH ERC20 address
  5. Finished


  • You can get 10 HRD tokens for each referral and up to 10 referrals
  • Airdrop rewards will be distributed on November 25.
  • HRD tokens are being listed on the Dcoin exchange

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