Huobi Giveaway By Crypto Traders

Huobi Exchange Review

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore. It is famous for the large number of cryptocurrency trading pairs available – almost 400. It is also a token that can be used to trade other cryptocurrencies on the platform. The idea of ​​making money has quickly led to the ICO boom in recent years.

But in a relatively young industry like cryptocurrency, having a long track record is indeed beneficial. That was one of the reasons Huobi did so well. Launched in 2013 (archaic by crypto standards), the company’s cryptocurrency exchange has an established reputation – especially in Asia. The exchange is consistently rated in the top five for market cap. Huobi also issued its own token (Huobi Token) last year to increase user loyalty.

Huobi Giveaway By Crypto Traders | Step By Step Join

  1. Join Huobi Exchange for those who have not registered
  2. Fill in the form and activate the account via email
  3. Set 2FA and save code recovery
  4. Do KYC (Required)
  5. Continue to BOT Giveaway
  6. join Group Telegram
  7. Contents form provided
  8. Screenshot of your KYC proof
  9. Upload and submit


  • Prize 85,000 TRX
  • Pool 17,000 TRX for leaderboard

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