Huobi Wallet Giveaway | Generate Address and Get Total Prize $12000 TRX

Huobi Wallet Review

Huobi Wallet is a professional multi-currency lightweight wallet. Relying on the Huobi Group’s accumulated technology and security experience in the blockchain field, it ensures the security of global digital currency users’ assets of various dimensions, providing simple, convenient, secure and reliable digital asset management services. The user interface design has been completely updated, with a clear overview of assets on the homepage, as well as fast transfers and fundraising. In addition to the eight major currencies displayed by default, such as BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, USDT, etc., users can add the desired currency to make asset management comprehensive and convenient.

The user holds his own private key and does not depend on third party management. In wallet management, backup mnemonic words, export private keys, and manage asset security. Users can also change wallet names, hide wallets and other settings according to personal preferences, all designed for user experience. Huobi Wallet provides a quick exchange function, which can quickly exchange multiple currencies across the chain, select the digital currency you want to exchange, and perform exchanges at the current exchange rate. The exchange is fast and convenient.

Huobi Wallet Giveaway | Step By Step Join

  1. Download Huobi Wallet and Generate TRX Address Don’t forget to save the Mnenonic Phrase
  2. Follow social media accounts Twitter and Telegram Huobi Wallet
  3. Like and Retweet This Tweet and Add Comment” Manage your #BTC, #ETH #XRP #TRX with Huobi Wallet App ” and Add address TRX what you did earlier
  4. Finished


  • For details, please study here
  • Giveaway event ends on September 26, 2022

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