HXRO Airdrop | Register and Get 500 HXRO (~4.7)

Hxro is a crypto gaming platform that combines digital currency trading with skill-based social play.

HXRO is an ERC20 token designed to have full utility on the Hxro gaming platform. HXRO tokens are used for entry fees to all games and purchases on the platform. The HXRO token builds a loyal fan base, empowering users to interact with their unique products while sharing rewards and incentives.

  • Total Supply: 1,250,000,000 HXRO
  • Maximum Supply: 1,575,000,000 HXRO

Hxro launched a Crypto Airdrop campaign to give Tokens to the community. Register an HXRO account you will get 500 free HXRO Tokens with an estimated value of $4.7. Step by step to claim free Tokens as below.

HXRO Airdrop | Step by step

  1. Register an account on the website Hxro
  2. Create a username, login password and enter your email address
  3. Check the box ‘I’m not a robot’ and click ‘Register’ then tick your email to verify
  4. Login your account you will get 500 free HXRO Tokens ~$4.7.

Share your referral link to invite people to HXRO and earn extra Tokens per referral.

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