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The iBank company was registered in the UK in 2017 and is an investment project whose activities aim to generate profits from trading transactions on commodity exchanges. The company is listed on the largest trading floors in the world: Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, International Petroleum Exchange, London Metal Exchange. The liquidity of these items is high, but their value can fluctuate sharply.

This instability is caused by various factors, including the unpredictable (eg climatic conditions for the growth of agricultural products or the world political situation that affects oil prices). This makes trading on the commodity market riskier than operating on a foreign exchange or stock exchange, but, on the other hand, it is the frequent changes in value that allow our algorithms to generate impressive profits on every successful trade every five hours.

iBank Promotion Event | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to the website iBank
  2. To change the language Select the language icon in the top right corner and click en
  3. Fill in the registration form such as Username, email and Password
  4. Login and check your balance automatically filled in 3000
  5. Finished


  • Sign Up Now Get Free 3000 RUB Active Deposit
  • Daily Profit 1% TO 3%
  • Min Re-Invest/Withdraw 10 RUB
  • Gasss, try it first bro/no KYC and no deposit needed

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