ImpulsX Exchange Airdrop | Register and Get 400 IPX

ImpulsX Exchange AirdropImpulseX is a cryptocurrency exchange that uses Global Order Books to facilitate fast trading and high liquidity.

IPX tokens is token native to ImpulsX Exchange. Tokens are part of EurekaNetwork as tokens of EurekaCoin (ERK).

The EurekaNetwork blockchain will not only Proof of Stake itself (which means EurekaCoin itself can be used to earn passives) but also IPX mark will be able to be proof of stake (PoS) in themselves securing their own network.

IPX have total supply from 1000000000 token. Since this project was created with the help of the Buzzex community, all BZX and VMT coin holders will be able to exchange their coins/tokens at a 1:1 ratio with IPX tokens that new .

40% of ImpulsX’s net profit will be used to facilitate cashback and burn. This means that the more profit is made, the more IPX tokens will be withdrawn from the market, which in turn means an increase in prices IPX tokens from time to time.

ImpulsX Exchange Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register ImpulseX website
  2. Fill in the form and verify email
  3. Do simple KYC
  4. Done wait until the bonus enters automatically

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