inLARB Airdrop | Register and Get $10 LARB

inLARB review

inLarb Network is a community driven event and ad network based on immersive technology. inLarb offers an immersive experience for traditional methods of business operations to drive interaction between businesses and their customers. inLarb tools create an emotional connection between customers and their favorite brands.

inLarb Network adopts a community-driven philosophy, meaning that the community plays an important role in the success of the platform while also benefiting through reward-based mechanisms. Community members are rewarded for event participation, organization, and advertising consumption.

Larb Specific

inLarb Network will run its own native token named Larb. The tokens are meant to facilitate transactions on the network, offer lower gas fees, security and also reward community members with the token. in Future, Larb tokens will be accepted for purchasing goods and services off the platform.

inLARB Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register on the website inLARB
  2. Fill in the form and verify the incoming email
  3. Fill in the profile and enter the TOMOCHAIN ​​address for the wallet, click here (for those who don’t know how to make a wallet, please comment in the group MediaAuthority )
  4. Do social tasks and fill out the form here
  5. follow facebook,
  6. Follow linked in and share airdrop posts
  7. Follow twitter and share airdrop posts
  8. Follow youtube and don’t forget to screenshot proof of subscribing and uploading
  9. Finally, enter the tomo address that was created earlier
  10. Finished

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