Interview with Bityard Marketing Director

Following the launch of the First Bitcoin Cryptocurrency in 2009, The concept of cryptocurrency trading has been around for decades. As of today, the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency network exceeds $759.09 billion, this value is expected to increase by more than x70% before the end of 2022. Many trading companies such as Bityard, Binance, Okex have been offering cryptocurrency trading opportunities for years through contract trading, spot exchange, and copy trading packages.

Today, we are going to share our review of “Michael Hong”, Bityard Marketing Director and his advice for young investors. Bityard’s trading platform has reached more than 150 countries including Africa and Asia in general, All thanks to the Marketing department.

Bityard Marketing Director

The marketing director for the Bityard trading platform is MICHEAL HONG, he was born on 22 May 1985. Michael is currently based in Singapore. Michael showed a very strong interest in digital finance in his college years, he studied stocks, EFT and related investments in the Department of information science and management systems.

Michael Hong started working as Bityard Marketing Director in November 2022, According to him “after my meeting with Bityard’s main investors at the financial conference, I really appreciated their insight into cryptocurrency, that’s why I got involved in this field”.

Michael has previously worked for many other investment firms from which he has gained years of marketing experience. When asked about his general review of Bityard, Michael stated “Bityard is a very potential crypto/Derivatives trading platform that offers very secure, fast and simple contract trading, spot exchange and copy trading. Bityard is highly regulated and in fact Bityard is one of the few trading platforms allowed to trade in America, Bityard definitely lives up to its expectations, as the progress and passion it conveys to customers is evident through Bityard’s various incentive packages.”

Michael’s advice for beginners in cryptocurrency trading is that they first register at Bityard, then study the tutorial videos on Bityard’s Youtube channel. He also advised them to practice using Bityard’s Demo mode, as practice makes them perfect.

After all these tutorials, beginners can now deposit money into their trading accounts to start earning real interest. About investors who are too busy, Michael said “for traders who don’t have time to research as mentioned above, Bityard has a package called copy trade where they can earn money easily”.

Here, you just need to quickly check the investment skills of the traders and choose the best traders to follow. Apart from working as a Marketing director on the Bityard trading platform, Michael has other hobbies such as researching how to invest and also traveling. Michael has traveled to many places like Philippines, USA, etc.

In short, Michael Hong, Marketing Director of Bityard, in just a few months in office, has enhanced Bityard’s image to all countries of the world, he has also created a space for talented individuals to join Bityard’s marketing department through the Ambassador program.

Through him, Bityard is able to organize incentive programs, such as;

  • Article competition for talented writers at publish0x where more than 20 authors where prizes with a total Ethereum worth $920.
  • Predict the future price of BTC games where the winner is paid $888USDT.
  • Youtube Contest with more than 7,777 USDT won by the winners.
  • Sign up and get up to $258 USDT

The popular adage “A good company is as good as its marketing department” is evident in the way Michael Hong, Bityard’s marketing director, works.

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