Investors Will Choose Bitcoin Over Gold, says Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy

Gold and Bitcoin advocates tend to keep arguing with each other because gold and Bitcoin advocates stick to their own minds.

Recently, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor predicted that in the future, investors will be more likely to choose Bitcoin over the yellow metal.

In an interview with Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist, Saylor warned investors to sell their gold, and buy Bitcoin instead. He claimed that “gold is dead money” and predicted that “others would sell their gold.” According to Saylor:

If you wait until you’re seeded by all the hedge funds when they dump the gold, you’ll be the last one out. I think gold is getting more demonetized.

Saylor stated that gold now consisted of $10 trillion worth of monetary energy and that only central banks wanted to hold it. Meanwhile, the CEO of MicroStrategy believes that “any private rational actor” will leave a valuable commodity for Bitcoin.

The CEO goes on to list several institutional investors in Bitcoin such as Square, PayPal, and Grayscale who he says “work because they put their investment funds into Bitcoin.” On the other hand, Saylor believes that those who “walk on traditional fiat” are “chopping”.

Recently, gold advocate Peter Schiff tagged Saylor and said the CEO should urge the company to invest in GameStop instead of Bitcoin. He added:

Schiff even acknowledged the satire and said that Bitcoin is not a better store of value than gold simply because its price is going higher.

The critic even said that investors would fall for the so-called Bitcoin scheme and claimed:

However, the argument appears to be in favor of Bitcoin at the moment according to Messari co-founder Dan McArdle. He shows how Bitcoin has outperformed everything over the past ten years. Digital assets have made 7,837.884% gains in the last decade, while gold returned 32% gains.

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