Italian Authorities Stop Illegal Ethereum Mining Activities Using Airport Computers

Airport officials working at Italy’s Lamezia Terme International airport have arrested a 41-year-old technician for illegally mining Ethereum using airport computers. Police revealed that the suspect was in charge of the computerized infrastructure at the airport.

The technicians are employees of Sacal Global Solutions, a company contracted to maintain airport computer systems, install malware, and exploit its IT infrastructure to mine Ethereum. As a result, it jeopardizes the airport’s IT security system.

There was a red flag after the Sacal technician detected an anomaly in the network and alerted the police. Part of the investigation involved checking the IP addresses associated with the mining activity.

As per announcement:

“‘Miners it was discovered and reported by the staff of the Postal Police Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro: he is a 41-year-old technician in charge of the computerized infrastructure.”

CCTV cameras installed in various rooms at the airport played an important role in identifying the suspect when he was caught red-handed. However, further investigations are underway.

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