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JBoxcoin Airdrop Review

JBOX researches and leverages the best blockchain technology, by presenting a new decentralized and sustainable video streaming cryptocurrency system. This system is within the scope of the film/video industry and the cryptocurrency industry. It covers industries that produce a wide range of videos which include Aerospace, Agriculture, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Food, Health, Information and Technology, Manufacturing, Mass media, Telecommunications, Transportation, Sports, industrial and others. Also included in this package is the cryptocurrency industry where we already have various coins.

A secure decentralized video streaming cryptocurrency web application with future-minded organizations – that’s where JBOX comes into play, as a trustworthy and secure and decentralized crytocurrency where you and I can watch free videos and earn 1 JCent per video you watch for free. JBOX allows its users to convert watching videos into cryptocurrency. With JBOX, security and access is a new reality and will become the standard because we at JBOX believe that everyone everywhere should have access to cryptocurrency and this will be easy through watching your favorite videos.

JBoxcoin Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to BOT Airdrop
  2. Follow Groups and Channels
  3. Follow Twitter
  4. Follow Facebook
  5. Submit address ETH ERC20
  6. Finished


  • JBoxcoin will be listed on Finexbox and VindaX Exchange
  • Distribution plan for November 15th 2022

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