Kale99 $5000 Contest | Join and Get Total $5000 BTC/TRX

Kale99 Review

Kale99 is a digital bank that understands the dynamic needs of millennials and Gen Z. By placing the customer at the center of everything it does, Kale99 takes a UX/UI approach to provide integrated solutions to not only facilitate banking but also anticipate the growing needs of its customers by providing opportunities and strategies for personal and financial growth. The Kale99 concept is integral to its name.

Kale is one of the fastest growing plants known to mankind. It is not meticulous in its requirements and only needs a little help to grow, develop and develop. This is what Kale99 wants for its customers – to thrive and thrive in their personal and financial lives. The number 99 represents Kale99’s 99% involvement in the process while leaving only 1% for the customer to know.

“Kale99 is different from other digital banks in that it creates not only a financial services platform, but an entire ecosystem for customer growth and development as a whole through targeted, interest-tailored communications, daily tips and strategies for retrieving financial information. and life decisions. Kale99 is “green” in all its activities – we make credit cards from 98% recycled materials. We use industry-leading UX/UI benchmarks to create the most seamless and intuitive connection between users and applications”, said Karl Goebel – CEO of Kale99.

Kale99 $5000 Contest | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to the page Kale99 Giveaway
  2. Enter your email address and don’t forget to confirm your account via the incoming email
  3. Next enter your TRX and BTC Address
  4. Follow every social media account that has been specified on the dashboard page
  5. and do the rest of the social media tasks and don’t forget to invite your friends for a bigger reward opportunity
  6. Finished


  • For your points to count, you need verify your email address .
  • Your referrals will also need to verify their email address so you can earn your share.
  • Entries are limited to 1 per person, multiple or more accounts are prohibited.
  • The top 1 will receive $1,000 worth in BTC.
  • The top 2-3 will receive $1,000 worth in BTC shared between the two ($500 each).
  • The top 4-10 will receive $1,000 in BTC divided equally ($166 each).
  • The top 11 to 50 will receive $1,000 in TRX divided equally.
  • The top 51 to 500 will receive $500 worth of TRX divided equally.
  • 250 contestants random will receive $500 in TRX divided equally.
  • Contest winners will receive prizes based on position.
    from 1 to 10 top will receive reward on the BTC wallet address they send.
  • 11-500 and 250 random contestants will receive their prizes in the TRON wallet sent during registration.
  • We reserve the right to ban and block anyone who tries to cheat.
  • This contest lasts until November 30, 2022. And prizes will be distributed before December 25, 2022.

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