Kingcasino Token Airdrop (Round 2) is a leading online gaming platform that allows players to use their cryptocurrency for a wide variety of casino games, slots and sports betting. is proud to present our unique KCT security token.

  • Name: KCT Token Type: ERC20-Ethereum
  • Token Price: ~$1.8
  • Token Supply: 130,000,000
  • KCT Hard Cap: $50,000,000
  • Soft Cap: $10,000,000

Earn up to 20 KCT (~$36) for easy social tasks and 2.5 KCT (~$4.5) for every validated friend you refer. For those of you who are interested in registering please follow the steps below,

Kingcasino Token Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT KngCasino Token
  2. Pass the BOT test
  3. Register at
  4. Join Group Telegram, Channel KingCasino, & Channel Advertiser
  5. Follow LinkedIn KingCasino
  6. Follow Reddit KingCasino
  7. Follow Twitter KingCasino & Advertiser, Like & Retweet respectively Pinned Tweets & tweets from advertisers tweets about KingCasino airdrop
  8. Subscribe Youtube KingCasino Like and share the video tutor for the airdrop, you can use fb, twitter, linked in and other social media, bro.
  9. Submit details according to the directions from the BOT
  10. Please fill in the ETH/ERC20 wallet address (Such as Imtoken, MEW, Trustwallet (ETH platform, not multicoin wallet from exchange, bro)
  11. Click no for bounty participation & click complete airdrop
  12. Finished


  • Kingcasino Token is doing STO on the big Latoken Market and P2PB2B.Io
  • A collection of questions about Kingcasino airdro and their answers
    • Is it necessary to complete the KYC process to participate in the airdrop?
      – It is not required to complete the KYC process for airdrop campaigns.
    • What are the requirements for a referral campaign?
      – Each valid referral is 2.5 KCT (~$4.5), the referral program has no limited number of participants.
    • What is a valid referral?
      – To be counted as a valid referral, the referred person needs to perform at least the required tasks and submit their data to the bot.
    • When will the tokens be distributed?
      – Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your ETH wallet until the end of August 2022.

Don’t forget to join the channel Crypto Hypbizz update the latest airdrop information, bro, So Lets Make Earn!

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