Kortho Chain is Officially Listed on HotBit

On September 13, the global public chain – KorthoChain in the field of data confirmation, announced the official launch on the Hotbit exchange. Deposits are opened on: 13-09-2022 at 02:00 UTC and trades are opened on: 13-09-2022 at 08:00 UTC.

Hotbit Global Exchange is the world’s leading blockchain platform for digital assets. Today, Exchange Hotbit Global has provided digital asset trading services to users in more than 210 countries and regions around the world, mainly in Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey and other emerging markets.

Over the past six months, KorthoChain has focused on upgrading mainnet 2.0, completing several strategic technology transitions:

  1. Connected to the ethereum EVM smart contract system based on the KorthoChain bottom layer, laying the technology foundation for the KorthoChain app market;
  2. Updates for Staking. The new PPOS (POW+POS) consensus mechanism, open-source nodes open to global customers, combines POS nick mining, networking, and green mining, while maintaining the decentralized nature of POW, making market value smooth and stable.
  3. Established an open platform for global developers, which so far has attracted more than 100+ developers and teams worldwide for ecological layouts. Products under development involve DeFi, NFT, GameFi and other tracks, which will provide users with a more diverse application experience.
  4. Building communities in 15 countries, including Telegram, Twitter, Youtube, Discord, etc., which includes more than 300,000 users, providing great support for various KorthoChain ecological applications.

Following WBF, ZG, Bcone, and other exchanges, this time KorthoChain has joined the Hotbit Exchange. Based on Hotbit’s globalization genes and KorthoChain’s cultivation in the global market, this will provide a new breakthrough point for the further explosion and ecological growth of KorthoChain. In the future, with the global strategic layout of mining ecology, KorthoChain will finally realize its vision and mission at the beginning of its establishment. It will build on the underlying systems for global personal data security and devote itself to making human data more valuable.

It is worth mentioning that the eco-native token KorthoChain KTO will launch a trading competition incentive activity after its launch on the Hotbit Exchange. At the same time, they will also conduct online project roadshows through the AMA in 15 countries around the world simultaneously. Participation on Telegram and Twitter will be rewarded with KTO airdrops.

KorthoChain Introduction:

KorthoChain is a public chain pioneer in the field of data confirmation. This technology lab led by The Kortho Foundation in Singapore was developed in 2018. Kortho Chain has a complete blockchain architecture, including P2P network architecture, EVM smart contract layer, PPOS consensus algorithm mechanism, ED25519 signature algorithm, SHA-3 encryption security algorithm. , and the persistent KV Badger storage database.

Kortho Chain is based on the PPOS consensus algorithm (POW+POS), which has high fault tolerance, solves the problem of inconsistent block information in the network, and greatly improves TPS efficiency. In terms of data protection, the security and rights of all parties are protected.

In terms of technology, EVM smart contracts and cross-chain bridges of the mainstream basic public chain are connected to effectively integrate industry resources. Ecological native tokens (KTOs) will build a new, value-connected ecosystem with multiple participations and benefits, providing new business direction as well as technical support underlying the field of data rights confirmation.

Global Hotbit

HOTBIT Global is the world’s leading blockchain digital asset website, providing 1800+ digital currency transaction services to users in more than 210 countries and regions worldwide. HOTBIT, founded in January 2018 and based in Hong Kong, has obtained a license to trade digital assets in Estonia.

HOTBIT is designed to be the Amazon of the digital asset market, providing liquidity support to project owners and a good user experience for investors. HOTBIT will continue to build a digital asset trading service platform that integrates cash currency trading, financial derivatives, digital asset management, Dapps and other forms of business. Focusing on global layouts and ecological integration strategies, HOTBIT is deeply involved in Russia, Turkey, Southeast Asia and other global emerging markets. In 2022, HOTBIT was voted the TOP3 most popular trading service platform by the Russian media.

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