Kucoin Futures Red Envelope | Invite and Get Trading Capital Up to $10

Kucoin Futures Review

KuCoin Futures ( KuCoin Mercantile Exchange) is an advanced cryptocurrency Trading Platform that offers a wide range of Leveraged Futures bought and sold in Bitcoin/USDT. Instead of fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies, KuCoin Futures only handle Bitcoin/ETH, and all profits and losses are in Bitcoin/USDT.

Kucoin Futures Red Envelope | Step by Step

  1. Register Kucoin Futures
  2. Follow the form instructions
  3. Fill in the form using your mobile number
  4. Use code +62 and your mobile number
  5. Activate the account by entering the OTP code that goes to your cellphone number
  6. Click Claim Reward
  7. Finished


  • Rewards up to $10
  • Event ends on July 31, 2022
  • The bonus cannot be withdrawn, trade it first and then the profit can be withdrawn, bro.

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