Kucoin X Presearch Airdrop | Register and Get 300 PREE

Presearch is offering PRE tokens as a reward for those searching through the platform. These tokens have intrinsic value as they are access tokens purchased by advertisers to target searchers entering certain keywords.

Presearch is one of the top 5 properties in the blockchain space, with more than 1.3 million registered users and 10 million monthly visits, Presearch has an active community of advocates around the world helping to scale up and promote projects in a decentralized manner.

Kucoin X Presearch Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register at Kucoin (For those who have never registered)
    • Fill in from registration
    • Email verification
    • Done
  2. Register at Presearch
    • Register by e-mail
    • Email verification
    • Done
  3. Submit Form
    • Enter the email registered with kucoin
    • Enter the email registered in the Presearch app
    • Finished


  • Download app presearch, and use browsing every day, Top 1000 active Users will get 300 Pree

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