KYCard Launch Contest | Get a Chance of 20,000 TRX and 100 KYCard

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The security of digital identities is an important aspect of the global payment system. As per a report by, protecting customer data in 2018 cost more than $654 million after exposure of 2.8 billion consumer records. Among the hotly debated topics are the guidelines issued by the FATF on the protection of digital assets in June 2022 known as “travel rules”, which require KYC for the transmission of any crypto.

This also increases the need for cheaper and globally accepted KYC services. KYC.Crypto is a service that offers globally stored KYC that users can share with others and not have to go through the process again. For example, they can use multiple participating exchanges with only one completed KYC. For partners and businesses, KYC.Crypto can generate huge savings and no need to worry about customer data protection.

KYCard Launch Contest | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to competition
  2. Fill in the form by entering your email and TRC20 address from your TRX wallet like Tronwallet or tronlink
  3. Account verification via the incoming link to E-mail
  4. Do the social media task, which has been provided
  5. The more tasks you complete, the greater the chance of getting a reward.


Contest runs from 17 AUGUST 2022 to 1 JANUARY 2022

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