Latoken Exchange x Bitlink Airdrop

Bitlink Airdrop Review

BITLINK BITLINK is a DeFi product that enables various financial services such as BITLINK DEX, BITLINK Cloud loans and BITLINK derivative contracts. Blockchain technology allows people to transfer the value of their assets efficiently, instantaneously and decentralized. Its emergence today pushes the level of the right to freedom higher.

Defi is now the latest trend in the crypto world. BITLINK aims to continue providing a future-oriented Defi platform. We are one of the leading projects of the Defi business in the world.

We have developed an ecosystem that allows anyone who wants to have financial trading. If you use our platform, you can easily lend or borrow money with someone through our blockchain network without knowing each other. Even if you have never met the person and you don’t know if he or she is a reliable person, you can trade safe and secure with them. So, our platform is called “trustless” and is very similar to the blockchain idea proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Latoken Exchange x Bitlink Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. First of all, join Latoken Exchange for those who don’t have
  2. Fill in the registration form and activate the account via the incoming email
  3. Login and set 2FA Code and don’t forget to save the recovery code
  4. Do KYC until you pass level 2
  5. Then click the link to Btlink BOT
  6. Follow Twitter account Btlink
  7. Subscribe Telegram groups Latoken Airdrop
  8. Subscribe Channel Latoken Announcement
  9. Follow Latoken Exchange Instagram
  10. Click Menu Quiz
  11. And answer 5 Questions to get Additional Btlink Token
  12. To make it easier for you, I will give you a leaked answer
    • DeFi
    • All The Above
    • All The Above
    • All The Above
    • BitFury
  13. Finished


  • Start the BITL telegram airdrop bot and follow the instructions listed there (also explained below)
  • Email your LATOKEN account to the Telegram bot
  • Apply for the KYC procedure before the airdrop ends – the airdrop ends on September 24 (00.00 UTC)
  • Invite your friends with a unique referral link to earn 750,000 BITL each
  • Answer 5 educational quiz questions about DeFi Chain and earn 250,000 BITL for every correct answer.
  • Follow DFI on Twitter you receive 1 DFI

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