Latoken Exchange X BlockMax Airdrop

Latoken x Blockmax review

What is LATOKEN? LATOKEN is a fast growing crypto exchange with a focus on liquidity for new tokens. LATOKEN entered CoinmarketCap’s Top-20 in March 2022 and continues to improve its results.

Currently latoken will list a new project called BlockMax Project. Blockmax is focused on real-life payments and services. The true value of Crypto is payment, Blockmax has contacted and negotiated with the banking system about issuing Debit cards through the use of OCB tokens as a means of conversion and purchase from the retail system. In addition, Blockmax has also successfully developed a cross-chain wallet, a convertible cross-chain wallet (SWAP) application immediately in the wallet. For this application we are sure to be at the forefront.

Latoken Exchange X BlockMax Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Previously register at Latoken Exchange for those who don’t have an account
  2. Fill in the registration form and activate your account with a click or enter the secret code via the incoming email verification
  3. Set 2FA Authenticator and don’t forget to save code
  4. Do KYC up to Tier 2
  5. Then click the link to BOT BlockMax
  6. Enter the email address you used when registering/creating a latoken account
  7. Click the Social Tasks menu
  8. Join Group BlockMax on Telegram
  9. join Channel and Group Telegram Latoken
  10. Follow account Twitter BlockMax
  11. Follow account Facebook BlockMax
  12. Follow Instagram Latoken
  13. Click the Quiz Menu and Answer 5 questions
  14. Additional OCB for other menus if interested


  1. Blockmax will be listed on CoinBene and Latoken itself
  2. IEO starts on July 7 2022
  3. Answer for BlockMax Quiz menu

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