Latoken Exchange X DeFi Token Airdrop

DeFi Token Review

DeFiChain is a decentralized blockchain platform dedicated to enabling fast, intelligent and transparent decentralized financial services.

DeFiChain is designed to be non-Turing complete to reduce smart contract errors, and its op code only allows running decentralized financial dapps. This ensures that only financial transactions are possible, instead of having games and casinos clogging up the ecosystem and causing high transaction fees.

In November 2022, DeFiChain launched its Uniswap style liquidity pool, asset wrapper, and DEX. This will bring a new option of yield farming to the DeFi space, and DeFiChain should be the first non-Ethereum based platform to do so.

Latoken Exchange X DeFi Token Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. First of all, join Latoken Exchange for those who don’t have
  2. Fill in the registration form and activate the account via the incoming email
  3. Login and set 2FA Code and don’t forget to save the recovery code
  4. Do KYC until you pass level 2
  5. Next go to Click the link to BOT DeFi Airdrop
  6. Subscribe Group Telegram DeFi Token
  7. Follow Twitter account DeFi Airdrop
  8. Subscribe Telegram groups Latoken Airdrop
  9. Subscribe Channel Latoken Announcement
  10. Follow Latoken Exchange Instagram
  11. Click Menu Quiz
  12. And answer 3 Questions to get 6 Additional DeFi Tokens
  13. To make it easier for you, I will give you a leaked answer
    • Bitcoin Fork
    • b. All of the above
    • 500 DFI
  14. Finished


  • Limited airdrop rewards. The faster you complete the task, the greater your chances of getting a reward. The DFI airdrop ends on September 22.
  • Tokens will be distributed on September 22.
  • Distribution will be made on whether you meet the eligibility criteria on the day the airdrop ends. Snapshot will be taken on September 22 at 15.00 (UTC+3).

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