Latoken Exchange X SurfEx Project

Founded in late 2017 by a small team of professional software developers and veterans in the cryptocurrency space, Mercuriex was developed to provide a fast, secure and efficient user experience. SurfTheWeb bought Mercuriex in Q4 2022 and in early 2022 will change its name to SurfEx .

Along with the rebranding of the exchange, the team formed strategic partnerships with companies operating in the industry. This partnership will allow it to rapidly expand to a wider global community. SurfEx is developing Surf Coin [SURF], which will act as the utility token of the exchange. SURF will give SurfEx users the option of paying discounted trading fees, along with other benefits.

SurfEx Airdrop up to 10 SURF tokens worth $10 for each airdrop participant. You can also invite your friends to receive 1 SURF for every valid referral. To participate in this airdrop, register on the LAtoken exchange and complete simple social media tasks on the bot airdrop.

Latoken Exchange X SurfEx Project | Step by Step

  1. Sign up at Latoken First
  2. Do KYC up to Level 2
  3. After successful verification, please go to bot SurfEx
  4. Input Email registered with Latoken Exchange
  5. Follow SurfEx on Twitter
  6. Follow Group Telegram SurfEx
  7. And Take the Quiz asked by the Surfex Bot
  8. Finished


List of answers on SurfEx Quiz

  • Mercury LTD
  • 250000
  • 100000
  • Free Trading Fee etc

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