Latoken x Algae Project Airdrop

Latoken x Algae Project – Algae Farm® intellectual property and technology includes systems and processes that continuously produce high yield, reliable, predictable, scalable and sustainable algae biomass in a climate controlled indoor environment. A climate-controlled indoor non-invasive option is also available.

A proprietary algae production device called Biogae™, a 4,000 scalable modular US/gallon bioreactor designed for indoor use.R

Relevant Market Sectors: Municipal wastewater (and others), water desalination, backflow fluids (Fracking), borehole fluids (Oil and Gas), Nutraceuticals, Cannabis filling additives, Cannabinol (CBD), Cannabinoids, Cosmeceuticals, Bio-plastics , Diatom organic fuel cells for solar panels, non-edible raw materials for advanced bio fuels.

Important Emerging Markets – Cannabis (Additives), Cannabinoids and Cannabinol (CBD, CBG) Products, Solar Panels (Diatom Organic Matter Cells), Bio-plastics (biodegradable), algae-based photovoltaic batteries for car electronics and other uses, algae certain are registered and traded as special commodity & algae donation material implants for retinal surgery (currently in FDA clinical trials).

Latoken x Algae Project | Step by Step

  1. list Latoken Exchange first for those who don’t have
  2. Fill in the form and enter the code wv4xu2b5
  3. Verify email and don’t forget KYC Tier 2
  4. After that go to BOT Algae Farm
  5. Fill in the email registered with Latoken
  6. Answer the quiz by clicking the top menu
  7. After it’s done


  • Free 10 BIOG Est $10 And Reff 1 BIOG

Quiz Answers in Order

  1. – Algae (biomass)
  2. – $9.9B
  3. – Yes
  4. – Yes
  5. – Yes
  6. – No
  7. – Yes
  8. – Diatom Solar Fuel Cell
  9. – Algapond
  10. – Algae Farm

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