Latoken x ReFork Airdrop | Sign up and get 125 EFK (~$9)

Review of Latoken and ReFork

What is LATOKEN? LATOKEN is a fast growing crypto exchange with a focus on liquidity for new tokens. LATOKEN entered CoinmarketCap’s Top-20 in March 2022 and continues to improve its results. check more here

Currently latoken will list a new project called ReFork Project, ReFork wants to globally prevent single-use plastic and protect planet Earth from the consequences of excessive plastic waste. Everyone should be able to use biodegradable products for their needs, which will make their life easier. In order to create a strong global community, ReFork decided to create an EFK token. It serves as a multi-functional global virtual voucher that allows anyone around the world to work with ReFork, spread their vision and earn rewards depending on the number of EFK tokens held.

EFK token used similar to the virtual vouchers used to take advantage of interactions with the ReFork project. This applies to the purchase of the final product and as part of marketing activities that support the ReFork brand. The EFK token is a digital currency created using the Ethereum smart contract (ERC20). The total amount of EFK tokens is 4,000,000,000.

EFK token function represents individual and corporate relationships with the ReFork project and is implemented on the ReFork platform. Each individual/company has the opportunity to interact with ReFork at different levels, according to their participation in the ReFork project. These levels will be graded based on the number of EFK tokens currently held or, in limited cases, also based on confiscated items paid in return. This is just a list of functions that can be expanded and modified in the future. check more ditionni

Latoken x Refork Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Previously register at Latoken Exchange for those who don’t have an account
  2. Fill in the registration form and activate your account with a click or enter the secret code via the incoming email verification
  3. Set 2FA Authenticator and don’t forget to save code
  4. Do KYC up to Tier 2
  5. Next Click the link to BOT Telegram Refork Airdrop
  6. Enter the email registered with Latoken
  7. Do social tasks like
  8. Complete 4 questions from the BOT to get the maximum reward
  9. Finished


  • Airdrop limited to 5000 participants, first come first served
  • Quizpedia Answer Key;
    1. Market support, community, payment, business
    2. 4000,000,000 EFK
    3. Producing biodegradable materials, and end products….

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