Lava Bounty | Register and Get 20 Lava (~$2

Lava Project Review

Lava ( is a customized Proof of Zcoin share fork that will implement the novel Avalanche protocol to allow Mastercard and Visa rate Transactions per second and 1 second settlement. Lava is Money.

Lava is a form of money that allows people to exchange and store value quickly, securely, and privately. As a deflationary currency, it protects your savings from inflation while allowing you to transact and do business in ways that were previously impossible.

Proof of Stake, No wasteful and attack-prone “mining”. Lava has better incentives allowing efficient resource allocation and no 51% attack.

Safe & Secure, Proof of ownership was never attacked 51%. Self-funding allows us to ensure there are no hidden bugs that threaten your money. The global form of money requires a dedicated team to ensure fatal bugs can be prevented or patched quickly. The “Segwit” vector and Bitcoin’s Replace-by-fee attack will not be removed.

Self-funding and Governance Instead of wasting resources on mining, Lava can allocate inflation to pay for all its development, adoption, and nodes. Governance features will be developed.

The Sigma Private Protocol (by Zcoin), offers best-in-class anonymity. As well as Tor and Dandelion++ for further anonymity. Immediately upgraded by the Lelantus protocol.

Lava Bounty | Step by Step

  1. Register yourself on the page bounty
  2. Subscribe to the lava newspaper
  3. Join Channel and Group lava
  4. Follow twitter and retweet the post
  5. Join discord lava
  6. Follow Instagram lava
  7. Download Lava wallet
  8. Complete the rest of the Task


  • Competition takes place June 25, 2022 @ 12:00 am to September 22, 2022 @ 11:59 pm

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