LBRY Has Officially Launched LBRY LATAM For Spanish Market

Official, LBRY LATAM live. The url for the Spanish LBRY portal is The question I imagine everyone is asking is, “why do we need a special portal for the Spanish community?” The answer is to further decentralize LBRY and offer a portal where Spanish speaking users know that their content will be top priority.

LBRY is very different from Youtube and its competitors. There is a feature in LBRY where users can “Support” their content with LBC coins and get a higher rank on the platform.

Often this means that Spanish-speaking users will not see content in their language. So LBRY INC has decided to open different LBRY portals and one of them is LBRY LATAM. This will make LBRY LATAM more friendly to new users. All content found on LBRY will be available to LBRY LATAM users.

The LBRY LATAM team is already working together

Over the past few weeks the LBRY LATAM team has been working closely with LBRY’s CEO, Jeremy Kauffman. The team consisted of Anabell Hilarski (Panama), Gustavo Silva (Mexico), and Michael Mitnick (Venezuela), and me. Teams will be assigned to promotions, social media management, managing email lists, reaching out to influencers and minor code changes on the site.

LBRY has seen exponential growth in views and users in recent months following the launch of and the constant censorship of content creators on platforms like Youtube. LBRY fights for your free speech and gives you a way to make cryptocurrency.

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