Liquid Bit Airdrop | Register and Get 25000 L-Bit (25000 Satoshi)

Liquid Bit Review

Liquid Bit is a rare and privacy focused digital asset that lives natively on the Liquid Network, the Asset Characteristics of Liquid Bits aka “droplets” can be completed hassle-free in just two minutes.

The transaction is confidential which means the amount is hidden from all third parties. This information is known only to the sender and recipient involved in the transaction. Transaction fees are adjustable and can be as low as $0.01.

The smallest unit of Liquid Bit is one L-BIT – also referred to as a “drop”. Drops are non-shareable, which means it is impossible to send, receive, or store less than one L-BIT in total.

As is well known, each Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million fragments – satoshi, so the entire Bitcoin supply can be divided into 21,000,000 x 100,000,000 pieces. That is 2,100,000 billion or 2,100 trillion units. The entire supply of Liquid Bits is 102.4 billion units of L-BIT, which cannot be broken down into smaller pieces. This means Liquid Bit is more than 20,507 times rarer than Bitcoin.

Liquid Bit Airdrop : Step By Step

  1. open Google forms Liquid Bit
  2. Download the app at Android or iOs and create a liquid wallet (Replace bitcoin with liquid before creating a new address)
  3. Join telegram L-Bit group and Channelhis
  4. forward post them to another crypto telegram group
  5. Follow their reddit account and upvote their post link
  6. Follow their Twitter account and repost their post link
  7. Follow their Tumblr account and repost their post link
  8. Submit your data
  9. Finished


  • Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your Liquid wallet within 24-36 hours. The token price is adjusted.

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