List of 5 Trusted and Most Popular Bitcoin Communities

To learn more about bitcoin or cryptocurrency investing, one of the easiest ways is to join bitcoin community. The bitcoin community or forum will share real experiences with investing using bitcoin.

Surely this is a good opportunity for beginner bitcoin miners to learn. But of course in order not to be deceived, bitcoin miners must choose a trusted bitcoin community or forum. Here is a list of the most popular trusted bitcoin forums.

List 5 Bitcoin Community Trusted and Most Popular

1. Bitcointalk

Bitcointalk bitcoin forum is the most popular and credible forum for bitcoin miners to get the latest information on the condition of bitcoin in the market.

The Bitcointalk forum is the oldest forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto since 2009 as the founder of bitcoin himself.

Interestingly, Bitcointalk also provides sub-forums in which there are tutorials for doing this trading or mining, marketing, trade in services and products and related announcements blockchain.

Inside Bitcointalk there are various categories for technical support, mining, ICOs and so on, so that you as a forum member can freely choose the material you want to study

2. Stack Exchange

The Stack Exchange Forum is a discussion forum about cryptocurrencies that is quite well known to cryptocurrency enthusiast. In this forum, participants are free to discuss not only about cryptocurrencies but also general knowledge and technology.

In the Stack Exchange forum, participants are also free to choose a sub-forum or forum landing page which you can use to discuss Ethereum and Bitcoin related matters.

Ethereum is a special application that is used to store the cryptocurrency Ether or ETH.

3. Cryptocurrency Talk

The next trusted bitcoin forum is Cryptocurrency Talk. In this forum, participants can actively discuss cryptocurrencies.

There are many experienced people on this forum who are actively answering questions or discussing cryptocurrencies.

This forum is also divided into several categories including Crypto Club Forums, Crypto Forums, and Locals which contain discussions and articles in foreign languages ​​other than English.

There are several languages ​​that have been organized into different categories in the forum, including Indonesian.

Participants are also free to choose the type of currency, such as Gridcoin, Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

4. Reddit

Reddit is one of those forums on line the most popular all over the world. In this forum not only talk about things related to bitcoin or crypto currency, but also other themes.

Users can also choose a sub-forum that specifically talks about Bitcoin.

Apart from bitcoin, there are other sub-forums that talk about other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. In the platform Reddit, session available too”Ask Me Anythingwhere users can ask anything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain straight from the experts.

5. Indonesian Bitcoin Forum

Even though we call it the Indonesian Bitcoin Forum, in this forum users can not only discuss bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the advantage of this forum is that it uses Indonesian as its main language.

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