LocalStellar Airdrop | Register And Get 20000 XLMG

What is StellarLocal The Stellar Local marketplace is here to radically change the way you spend money. Use hundreds of different payment methods to buy and sell Stellar.

What is stellargold We are Building a Platform where people will not pay conversion fees. We are reinventing the global equity blockchain – which will be a secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, where people can convert any crypto to their fiat currency very quickly and without paying conversion fees for fiat.

LocalStellar Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Open Bot Airdrop: Airdrop Bot
  2. Fill in Captcha
  3. Click Airdrop
  4. Click Enter Your Data
  5. Join 2 Telegrams / Click Join
  6. Follow Twitter / Enter Twitter Profile Link in Bot
  7. Follow Facebook / Enter FB Profile Link on Bot
  8. Follow Linkedin / Enter Linkedin Profile Link to Bot.
  9. Create Account : LocalStellar.
  10. Download the Download the Local Stellar Application.
  11. Login Using Email That Has Been Registered on the Website Earlier.
  12. Back to Telegram / Enter Email in Bot
  13. Use LocalStellar Logo ️click Done
  14. Enter the Stellar Lobstr Address in the Bot.
  15. Done & Share

Note: For Airdrops from the Stellar(Xlm) Platform, you must have an active Stellar wallet containing 3-5 XLM and Add XLMG assets.

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