Marcopolo Airdrop | Register and Get 50 MAP

MAP Protocol is an open, fully decentralized, open chain-to-chain interoperability protocol that enables interoperability of multiple independently verifiable consensus blockchains without relay chains.

The MAP Protocol expects to build a future inter-chain network, which is interoperable and on a chain-to-chain basis. An ecosystem built on top of the MAP Protocol can provide a solid infrastructure for DeFi, DEX, AI, IoT, traceability, and governance proposed by cross-chain communications, privacy computing, shared storage, etc.

Marcopolo Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Start Ark finance Telegram Bot
  2. Join Telegram Group
  3. Join Telegram Channel
  4. Follow Twitter, Retweet and Like pinned post
  5. Submit details on Airdrop Bot

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