MASS Consensus Blockchain Airdrop | Register and Get 6 MASS (~$2.4)

MASS Consensus Blockchain Review

MASS Consensus is a technology that has a high social value. Blockchain is capable of coordinating human actions through a consensus mechanism, thereby performing important tasks such as maintaining a public ledger. Ultimately, blockchain will facilitate the vision of a valuable internet without intermediaries.

The consensus mechanism is the main guarantee of the security and credibility of the blockchain. This requires users to be able to join the network and help maintain it without requiring permission, and all participants can get their fair share of the value created. The MASS consensus engine aims to be the underlying infrastructure for all blockchain consensus layers. Based on the Proof of Capacity consensus protocol, the MASS consensus engine creates a permissionless, fair, energy efficient, secure and universal consensus layer, ensuring the fundamental security of the public chain.

The MASS consensus engine is universal and capable of providing consensus services across a number of public chains. Nodes use storage capacity to run consensus protocols and do not require permissions. The MASS consensus engine is fair and energy efficient; only a small amount of computing resources is required, meaning that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

MASS Consensus Blockchain Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to BOT MASS Consensus Blockchain
  2. Join Telegram MASS group
  3. Follow account Twitter MASS and Retweet Status that has been defined.
  4. Create an account at MASS Platforms Consensuss Blockchain (Can only register using No Cellphone)
  5. Follow the detailed steps in the BOT
  6. Enter your data
  7. Finished


  • MASS is already registered with aggregators such as Coinmarketcap and Coinecko
  • Already listed on exchanges such as BKEX, MXC, Hotbit and also other markets
  • The airdrop will be distributed after the airdrop ends

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