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In the past, the Bitcoin mining process required very sophisticated equipment with enormous electrical power. But now, you can do Bitcoin mining with Android more practically and easily.

There are various apps that you can use to mine Bitcoin from your mobile device.

Even so, of course the mining gains are not as much as the results of mining with complete equipment whose computing power is much greater.

At least, with this Android application you can get Bitcoin from anywhere and anytime. Then what Android applications can you use to mine Bitcoin? Let’s see.

There are many applications that can help miners get Bitcoin chips. However, you should not just choose an application without first finding out its capabilities, credibility, and security.

For that, we are here to recommend some of the following best application options:

1. MinerGate

Initially, MinerGate was a widely used Bitcoin mining site on PC. However, currently MinerGate is available in application form smartphone, so that miners can earn Bitcoins from Android devices.

How to use the application that was released in 2014 is also very easy. You just need to create an account first and then you will see two options mining which are available.

The two options are cloud mining and mobile mining. MinerGate also has a special feature to stop the process mining.

What you need to remember, when smartphone is in a low or moderate battery state charged, the mining process will not be able to take place.

In addition, the higher the HP spec used, the greater the result.

2. AA Miner

Second, another application that you can consider to mine Bitcoin with Android is AA Miner.

This application has an easy and simple appearance and operation, so that beginners can use it smoothly.

Not only easy for you to use, AA Miner can also be downloaded for free directly from the Play Store and you can use it to get Bitcoin and 50 other types of digital currency that you want.

Besides being able to set the amount chain, in this application also provides an algorithm mining in the form of CryptoNight.

Chain itself is a processor core that is useful for mining Bitcoin. In addition, there are not many ads inside AA Miner so you can mine more conveniently.

3. Droid Miner

Similar to AA Miner, Droid Miner is an app for mining Bitcoins that you’re comfortable with because it’s not filled with annoying ads.

In this application, you can mine various types cryptocurrency at Droid Miner. For example, you can mine Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or something else.

Droid Miner also brings a lot of interesting features to use. One of them is the feature to disable the program mining automatically when smartphone Medium Android charged.

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Armed with more complete knowledge, you will be better prepared to mine Bitcoin and earn more profits.

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