Momoex X T-Index Airdrop | Register and Get 100 T-Index (~$100)

Momoex Exchange and T-Index Review

After holding a listing event with the AMZ token recently, Momoex Exchange is back with a new token, namely T-Index and the rewards that are distributed are also pretty good, an estimate of $100 for each user, for those who don’t know about Momoex below, I will briefly explain,

MOMOEX Platform Digital asset management and trading, founded in November 2018, headquartered in Singapore, provides digital asset management and trading services to global customers. Currently, it has 650,000 registered users and 230,000 loyal active users, with a daily management fund of $86 million.

Through continuous efforts, MOMOEX has opened and operates spot, otc, futures and leveraged trading plates, and provides external lending and financial management services for related digital assets. Currently, it supports 43 major currencies and more than 100 related tokens, such as BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, BTS, DASH, ETC.

For T-indexes like the current USDT, the T-Index is part of the “stable currency” category. T-index, a cryptocurrency backed by A Startup backed by Stanford Venture Capital, is one of the most stable and trusted currencies in cryptocurrency.

To ensure the monetary stability of the script by establishing a network of cooperation with banks and trusts. T-index provides reliable trading tools that act as a medium of currency exchange for consumers and businesses.

Momoex X T-Index Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register in Momoex Exchange
    • Fill in the registration form and verify the account via email or cellphone number
    • Do KYC, it usually takes 1×24 hours to approve
    • Carry on
  2. Continue to register at T-Index
    • change country code to +62
    • Register using Mobile Number or E-mail
    • Fill in the registration form as usual
    • Confirm the code entered into your email or mobile number
    • Download the application according to your smartphone type (on Android, below IPhone)
    • Log in to the application using the account you registered earlier
    • Don’t forget to Do simple KYC in T-Index App on Menu Mine and Select submenu Authentication, and fill in the three columns with the following data;
      1. Enter the MOMOEX Exchange Name in the first box
      2. Your Momoex UID number (look for it in the Account and Settings menu)
      3. The name on the ID card that you use KYC at Momoex and wait for approval
  3. The last step to claim airdrop on Google forms this
    • Follow twitter account Momoex and Retweet Momoex x T-Index status
    • Screenshot of your retweet proof and upload it to Google Form
    • Finally enter your Momoex UID
    • Finished


  • All participants need to share their activity on Twitter and fill out the form to receive the prize
  • To ensure fairness of the event, MOMOEX platform real name authentication must be completed to receive the award;
  • In the event of malicious brushing or cheating, MOMOEX reserves the right to de-qualify the user’s participation;
  • The MOMOEX platform reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.
  • The event takes place from June 20 to June 29, 2022

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